Grave removal, relocation & exhumation

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Grave removal Polokwane

Moving a body from one cemetery to another used to be a rare occurrence, but nowadays, it’s becoming more common.


The reasons to transfer remains from one cemetery to another are numerous: Families may move away from their hometowns and want to relocate a beloved relative with them to the new area, or the dearly departed may have been buried in wrong locations or through inappropriate burial.


Our grave relocation service focuses on the handling of the complete relocation process including project conceptualization, planning, liaising with clients and their next of kin, social consultation and application for all the relevant and necessary permits.


  • Oversee public notices, hearings, legalities prior to exhumations and relocation
  • Exhume bodies from cemeteries and relocate as needed
  • All services carried out with utmost dignity and respect for the deceased and their families.

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