Corporate Citizenship And Corporate Social Investment

Phuti Funeral Ministry Group have been in business for the past 23 years and has since been involved in community development projects in and around Limpopo. We have created and maintained everlasting foot printing in South Africa through our corporate social responsibility initiatives and sustainable operations.

We pride ourselves as a corporate citizen of the community we serve through our corporate social investment which involves ad hoc donations and community support projects ‘’We not just part of the community we are the commnity”. A budget is allocated to address welfare issues and is purely an outreach response to day-to-day requests for donations as a way of ploughing back and uplifting communities we serve. We render services to all demographics of the diverse communities including all previously disadvantaged areas Phuti ke “Maphutha Ditšhaba”.

Phuti Funeral Ministry Group have also been effectively involved in helping empower unemployed youths through skills development programmes and internships where we help qualified and unqualified youths by engaging them in skills transfer training to equip them with workplace experience.

CSI Project: Rethuseng Special School